Willful ignorance

Not everyone shares my interests. That's okay. But a complete lack of interest in anything substantial is something I cannot damned well work with. It doesn't have to be something I like from the get-go, but be passionate about something.

Rank bigotry. It's not something I've encountered (yay for a rather claustrophobic social network?), but I've heard tell from a friend who saw someone change from a loving family member to someone capable of vicious violence in an instant when their prejudice was triggered.

A deep conviction that sex is bad and it necessarily defiles one or more of the people involved. I've come into contact with this before and it's just an recipe for an inevitable conviction that one is inherently yecchy. No fun there.

That's pretty much it. Oh, there are things that get on my nerves-fawning appreciation for smug "conceptual" art combined with disdain for anything representational, a refusal to read comics or SF ever, failing to recognize that DragonForce is in fact the Hardest Metal Known to Man-but those are just preferences, not deal-breakers.

As for the various belief systems that other posters talk about (fundie Christianity, 9/11 Truthers) I think that people can believe weird things and compartmentalize them. I've believed plenty of weird things in the last ten years or so, but they've correlated very little with the essential nature of who I am.

As far as romantic decisions

A) WTF does that have to do with race, and B) isn't that something that every couple has to decide, unless maybe they met at church or something?

because currently it's hot topic and they receive increasing scrutiny, due to political situation. One due to dubya gwot, the other all wetback go home rethoric. The affect varies depending on places and situation but it's there.

So what does religion have to do with race? I don't know what do you think? Try wearing jilbab and run around the airport then.

Like I say, again, there is drag. Of course it's not colored/white drinking fountain type of thing and much more subtle, but it's there. And this type of things put strains and demand extra skills than average relationship. (which then you start screaming I am bigot. So much for your listening skill eh?)

.why do I even waste time talking about this.jebus. It never goes anywhere. Carry on. Nothing to see here. We have achieved utopia.