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What Marketing is Really About…

April 30, 2016Billy0 Comments

Remember that Pushy salesman from “marketing” trying to sell you a new connection on the phone? Remember that weird, creepy “Marketing” guy at the store after your life to buy the product?

These so called “Marketing” guys sound familiar, right?

So I spent a lot of time asking people what they thought what marketing does and what marketing is.. And I got all the similar reactions. These memories came to light as they gave me the cliched answers of Marketing being all about “Sales,” or “Advertising,” or “Promotions,” or being after your lives to go use a product.

Well, sorry to break the bubble, But what marketing really is, isn’t what you think of it to be.

Marketing is huge domain! Far above selling, promoting, advertising, or taking feedback calls!

In my belief what Marketing really is,

“Is everything which helps to get a smile on a customers face because of your product/service”

(Hoping that this definition finds a place in a textbook or two 😛 )

Marketing is anticipating what the customer might want. Marketing is making the product which shall satisfy their needs and wants. Marketing is innovation,
Marketing is selecting how to reach out to these people, Giving them the product, Marketing is taking feedback, Marketing is after sales service, Marketing is thus everything which helps you maintain profitable customer relationships.

As the traditional definition by Philip Kotler says,

“Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires.”

In my opinion, marketing is one of the most important functions amy organisation can have. If an organisation is a car, Then Marketing is the engine and finance is the fuel.
That, Is what marketing is all about and that is how important it is.

As peter F.Drucker the management guru famously said, “A business enterprise has only two basic functions – marketing and innovation.”


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So next time you hear someone confuse marketing and selling, I hope you’re there to correct them.

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