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What is Life Skill Hacking?

May 6, 2017, Billy0 Comments

Life Antivirus Program

First, a little background. With age, you develop a life antivirus program. Your life antivirus program is used to protect you from perceived threats to the self. The issue arises when your life antivirus program becomes so strong it actually begins to limit your own personal growth. The potential threat of your life antivirus program becomes more compounded when you begin to use it against your own inner need and wants. Read More

Month: May 2017

May 6, 2017, Billy0 Comments


Although Ive only started this blog this month as a perfectionist I always want to take the right steps towards proper learning so Ill be attending Hay Houses Speak Write & Promote weekend workshop.

This Major Action is Producing Major Doubts

As you know Ive literally started blogging this month so this workshop is a huge commitment! Ive questioned whether Im out of my depth attending.

The broken record of not feeling good/smart/accomplished enough played through my mind incessantly.

But now I have clarified this and these are the thoughts that helped me get out of the funk:

  • Yes Im inexperienced. But the only way to eliminate inexperience is THROUGH EXPERIENCE!
  • From that I felt like well Ill be the least experienced one there.
  • So what? Im there to learn. I am willing to be open and say you know what Ive only just started a blog. Im the new kid on the block. We all have to start somewhere. Im hear to learn from the best I may not understand everything but I very much want to understand this industry and the action and commitment it entails. And mostly importantly figure out early on if this is a suitable path for me moreover what would I be best at?
  • I could feel inadequate and uncomfortable. In the past there were many occasions where I felt uncomfortable around others who quite honestly were not nice nor particularly smart. If youre going to feel discomfort it may as well be around people that are intimidatingly good! And Im ok with that. I would rather that.
  • If I do feel out of my depth during the workshop well I already knew that prior to attending.Its only temporary anyway..Live & LearnBought my ticket here:


August 12, 2016, Billy0 Comments

Words matter. Maybe this is why I majored in English in college. Even then, I knew the power of words. How these single and multi syllable tools can help build amazing enterprises. Words can help mold characters, heal wounds, and words can lend significance.

Below is a photo my nephew took of an old sign he recently unearthed from a dusty storage shed. It belonged to my father. Six words, intermingled with a few symbols and digits, that tell quite a story. Read More

The State of the Electric Water Heater Market

August 12, 2016, Billy0 Comments

On its surface, the forecast for the electric water heater market looks sunny. Between 2017 and 2022, the market is expected to grow steadily – researchers predict that it may rise by over 7% during each year of that period. This is, in part, because by 2015, the real estate and construction industries had finally recovered from the 2008 recession.

That said, there may be challenges ahead for this industry. Electricity prices have been rising for the past few years, and consumers may come to prefer solar powered water heaters in the near future, as experts have predicted. There are, however, two trends that may continue to drive consumers to electric water heaters: Read More

Acne Treatment Market Worldwide

July 6, 2016, Billy0 Comments

Acne-Treatment-MarketWe generally assume that acne disappears with age. We hope that as we leave puberty behind we will also leave the embarrassing plague of acne behind. Many adults still suffer from acne, and as an adult the problem can be more troublesome. Often, acne is associated with poor hygiene, or poor diet. For this reason adult acne sufferers can face discrimination. It’s no wonder that the acne market is a billion dollar industry. There are many options available for those who wish to rid themselves of acne forever. Some options include products like proactive, expensive treatments, chemical peels, light treatments, and home remedies. So which acne treatment is right for you? It really depends on what your level of acne is, what kind of skin you have, and how much you are willing to spend. Read More

Start Your Own Woodworking Business

June 19, 2016, Billy0 Comments

Many people want a home based business because they have been laid off their job. Starting a woodworking business is a great way to turn a hobby into a great money making business. Woodworking business can be initiated with small startup capital investment. Before you start, here are simple but valuable tips you have to take note:

It’s All About Your Attitude
Having the wrong attitude is the number 1 mistake, because it will kill your business quickly. If your goal is to make as much money as you can from your woodwork business by proving products as quickly as you can, then I suggest you reconsider this amazing plan. The reason is simple, you don’t care or prize the production, why your clients trust you and your craft. Read More

How to Get Customer Loyalty in a Highly Competitive Market?

May 1, 2016, Billy0 Comments

In a market as tough as Pepsi and Coca Cola? In a market where customer buys whatever is the cheapest and thus a price war is always at bay?

Someone recently asked me on Quora, about how to market your brand so as to rise above it and this kept me thinking for a while. Why is it that even when Apple charges much more than the features it’s phone have, why is it that everyone goes bananas over the new iPhone, even when alternatives are way cheaper? Read More

What You Call Love…Marketing Emotions

May 1, 2016, Billy0 Comments


The reason you haven’t felt it is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons. You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts.

This quote by Don Draper in the famous american soap called “Mad Men”, left me into deep thoughts. I couldn’t help but think of the fact that this is god damn true.

Much are we influenced by what we see happening on television screens, that we want everything to be like that. From the fact that you’re not in love unless you start smiling uselessly, or you’re not successful unless you have a chauffer driven X car, our dreams and aspirations have been heavily impacted by what we see. Read More

Native Advertising : What you need to know

May 1, 2016, Billy0 Comments


So, Native Advertising is what you’d like to call as the new shark in the sea. It is by far one of the most effective forms of advertising in the digital age.

Even if you haven’t heard of the term, or know what it is. I’d place a good amount on the fact that you have experienced it knowingly or unknowingly.

It seems to be the new fad in the information industry, where it is being popularised and used heavily by companies such as Facebook, BuzzFeed, NDTV and every other famous website you can think of. Read More