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Native Advertising : What you need to know

May 1, 2016Billy0 Comments


So, Native Advertising is what you’d like to call as the new shark in the sea. It is by far one of the most effective forms of advertising in the digital age.

Even if you haven’t heard of the term, or know what it is. I’d place a good amount on the fact that you have experienced it knowingly or unknowingly.

It seems to be the new fad in the information industry, where it is being popularised and used heavily by companies such as Facebook, BuzzFeed, NDTV and every other famous website you can think of.

So what really is this Native Advertising which is catching all the attention?

To put is simply, Native Advertising is a form of advertising which you don’t feel like is an ad. You don’t feel like it is an information which is paid for by a third party. You think it’s an authentic and an Actual or a “Native” part of the website.


Native Advertising on Buzzfeed, Notice the GE listed as Brand Partner?

Notice the Brand Partner GE? Well Yeah, it is really tough to spot what is sponsored content here. It really looks like it is a part. And especially if the article is on a thing like, “Making your day more efficient” you really can’t have guessed it.

To put in other words, Native Advertising is like brands saying to advertisers :

We will camouflage your ads, and put it up as “real” content. Let’s mess with the users.

As a Mad Marketer, I’d really say Native Advertising is fantastic, you (advertiser) get to sleep peacefully at night because you can write in the small corner of a webpage the name of the advertiser which most people would not notice. But well you did your bit right?

So then why is this being successful? Here are a few reasons why :-

1. It looks pretty Authentic, and when we think it is authentic, We trust it more. And well what happens when we trust what the advertiser is saying? Well ask the peeps at Fair & Lovely how they managed to do this

2. It increases the brand value of the advertiser, as it is put upon a platform which people are likely to trust. Think of this, What if a productivity article was sponsored by Dropbox and had the first point as to use Dropbox? We’d definitely attach more positive perception to the value of Dropbox.

3. It is still underused by brands at the present moment, so there is a lot of scope till it is raided by the world’s advertisers.

4. The traditional Advertising on the website, (say AdSense – see the end of the post for an example :P) only has a click through rate of 0.17% ! Which often leaves the online publishers with a tight hand with it’s cash. So hence a need for a more profitable advertising system was inevitable.

P. S. BuzzFeed gets it’s 100% Revenue from Native Advertising!

Also, If you’d like to know more about Native Advertising, Watch this hilarious video by John Oliver on it!

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