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Month: May 2017

May 6, 2017Billy0 Comments


Although Ive only started this blog this month as a perfectionist I always want to take the right steps towards proper learning so Ill be attending Hay Houses Speak Write & Promote weekend workshop.

This Major Action is Producing Major Doubts

As you know Ive literally started blogging this month so this workshop is a huge commitment! Ive questioned whether Im out of my depth attending.

The broken record of not feeling good/smart/accomplished enough played through my mind incessantly.

But now I have clarified this and these are the thoughts that helped me get out of the funk:

  • Yes Im inexperienced. But the only way to eliminate inexperience is THROUGH EXPERIENCE!
  • From that I felt like well Ill be the least experienced one there.
  • So what? Im there to learn. I am willing to be open and say you know what Ive only just started a blog. Im the new kid on the block. We all have to start somewhere. Im hear to learn from the best I may not understand everything but I very much want to understand this industry and the action and commitment it entails. And mostly importantly figure out early on if this is a suitable path for me moreover what would I be best at?
  • I could feel inadequate and uncomfortable. In the past there were many occasions where I felt uncomfortable around others who quite honestly were not nice nor particularly smart. If youre going to feel discomfort it may as well be around people that are intimidatingly good! And Im ok with that. I would rather that.
  • If I do feel out of my depth during the workshop well I already knew that prior to attending.Its only temporary anyway..Live & LearnBought my ticket here:

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