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How to Get Customer Loyalty in a Highly Competitive Market?

May 1, 2016Billy0 Comments

In a market as tough as Pepsi and Coca Cola? In a market where customer buys whatever is the cheapest and thus a price war is always at bay?

Someone recently asked me on Quora, about how to market your brand so as to rise above it and this kept me thinking for a while. Why is it that even when Apple charges much more than the features it’s phone have, why is it that everyone goes bananas over the new iPhone, even when alternatives are way cheaper?

Why is it that even though Starbucks offers coffee at a much higher price than Barista or Costa or the million other brands, but well we go to the nearest Starbucks cafe like a fool for the frappe?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to Remarkable Marketing 101. In all these cases, these big brands have done something REMARKABLE. They did’t just spend their time putting up Check us out Ads on Tv, they went, they did something remarkable, they showed us something remarkable and the rest is History.

In 2007, Moto Razr and BB’s were the hottest phones. They were literally the best thing we could think of, but then out of the dawn came a fruit named brand, which changed the way we thought of phones, it changed the way we would ever use phones and the rest is History. Apple did something remarkable, something which we hadn’t thought of, something which made us mad about it! And today even when Apple comes up with a overpriced phone with just a bigger screen, We go crazy about it! 😛

Remarkable Marketing is about being like a Purple Cow in a field (Yes, Kudos to Seth Godin).

Remarkable Marketing in my opinion means doing something worthy of talking about. Something which the users want to talk about, want to share, want to be a part of. It’s about making them your advocates and utilising the power of this salesforce.

Instead of planning your next ad or thinking of how much to spend on Facebook Ads, Talk to your users, your Customers ask them what they need, what they like and spend time in thinking how you can do it differently.

Cause to get customer loyalty (even in a competitive market) you need to stand out and try to change the world by your product, even if it is one customer at a time.

Be Crazy, Be a Maniac, Be a Mad Marketr, Do something remarkable and the rest should be History.

Feel Free to get in touch with us if you want to be remarkable or want to discuss your ideas, we’re always up for it.

Rooting for you!

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