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Energy Efficiency is Win-Win for Us All: Make Changes Today

September 10, 2017Billy0 Comments


Global warming is an indisputable scientific fact. Climate change means that the icecaps are melting, our seas are getting warmer and the weather is increasingly unpredictable. In an effort to protect our environment, many are looking to reducing their consumption of energy. Energy conservation has the added benefit of significantly cutting our electrical bills on a personal, domestic level but also on a global level. Importantly, most countries have created energy efficient policies, with infrastructure depending more on renewable and sustainable energy. Most have also put in place a system of energy or carbon taxes for companies to motivate them to make the switch.

Consumers now have a wide range of energy efficient devices and gadgets to choose from. One of the most significant innovations has been the invention of the LED (light-emitting diode) lightbulb, which uses approximately 10% of the equivalent incandescent bulb and has a considerably longer lifespan. The replacing of all traditional lightbulbs with the LED bulbs will immediately and noticeably reduce your energy consumption. One of the most significant sources of renewable energy is solar energy. With the installation of solar paneling, homes and businesses are converting the sun’s rays into electricity – heating, cooling and powering their buildings.

In addition to LED lightbulbs and harnessing solar power, each household can easily conserve energy by choosing to replace outdated energy sapping appliances for newer models that are energy smart.

Install an automatic, touch-free auto spout with infrared sensors which simply attaches on to your existing tap and save 70% on your water consumption. Choose a showerhead that saves on energy and water consumption but doesn’t affect the pressure or water flow. A thermostat, remotely controlled from your smartphone, is a must for regulating the temperature of your premises. When buying appliances, check the energy rating that is now compulsory information in most countries. Refrigerators, washing machines, clothes’ dryers are all examples of appliances that traditionally used a lot of energy. These days, energy efficient models are increasingly available. Cutting energy consumption and costs at the same time are the undeniable benefits of making good choices on such household items.

Common-sense practices such as ensuring that your home is well insulated, therefore retaining the heat in winter and the cool with energy-star fans [] in summer, are important. Gaps around windows or doors that allow heat to escape need to be covered to conserve energy.

There are more unconventional ways of reducing energy consummation and these include alternative power sources, on a smaller scale. Do-it-yourself kits are available that allow you to convert the energy generated by a treadmill or stationery bike, to charge smartphones, or boil a kettle. Turning kinetic human energy into usable power has the double benefit of burning calories and using an alternative energy source.

Any efforts, however big or small, in energy conservation will make a difference to the preservation of our environment and our planet. Meaningful change, however, will result from an international consensus and commitment to energy conservation.

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