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Acne Treatment Market Worldwide

July 6, 2016Billy0 Comments

Acne-Treatment-MarketWe generally assume that acne disappears with age. We hope that as we leave puberty behind we will also leave the embarrassing plague of acne behind. Many adults still suffer from acne, and as an adult the problem can be more troublesome. Often, acne is associated with poor hygiene, or poor diet. For this reason adult acne sufferers can face discrimination. It’s no wonder that the acne market is a billion dollar industry. There are many options available for those who wish to rid themselves of acne forever. Some options include products like proactive, expensive treatments, chemical peels, light treatments, and home remedies. So which acne treatment is right for you? It really depends on what your level of acne is, what kind of skin you have, and how much you are willing to spend.

There are new developments in the acne market every day. For instant acne sufferers are now choosing to use combinations of products to fight there acne issues. It is unclear whether all of these products are needed. While products like proactive are certainly helpful for people with more advanced acne, simply exfoliating the pores may aid acne suffers immensely. It is important to note that some acne problems are a result of hormonal imbalances and cannot be solved with simple over the counter medicine. Many products are geared to teenagers instead of adults. The commercials are funny, and make light of the problem that acne suffers may face. It is also interesting that many acne products are targeted towards young women. Male adult acne is almost never addressed. This shows a somewhat sexist trend in the acne market. There are also more high tech solutions for those who suffer from acne. Light treatments are becoming trendy. These treatments work by pulsing blue or red light into the skin. It is thought that the light damages the oil producing glands with little or no pain. It is unclear how effective these acne killing lights are and more research needs to be done.

Home remedies are also becoming trendy In today’s Acne market. This reflects the push for more natural and organic foods and clothing. It is cheaper to treat acne sufferers at home rather than going to the dermatologist. Natural remedies include green tea leaves, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and many others. This may predict a future trend where the acne market goes natural by using more wholesome ingredients in their products. We may soon start seeing acne products with green labels. As stated above women are a major target of the acne market and, so it is no surprise that there are entire lines of makeups that promise not to cause acne. There are also many types of foundation that promise to clear up existing acne with the use of syllic acid in the products.

The acne market is growing and changing every day. It seems that because acne is such a common ailment it is also trendy. I’m sure that there are more exciting changes to come.

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